The Lucknow international Public school has an all-weather indoor swimming pool with an additional pool for
toddlers adjacent to it. Students enjoy swimming around the year. Apart from being a competitive sport,
swimming is a life-saving activity. Each and every child coming for this activity is individually taken care of,
with an aim to prepare for competition, with adequate measures taken towards ensuring their safety and
Football activity is conducted as per the requirements of individual age groups with skills gradually getting
coalesced with modern football techniques.
Cricket activity grooms the talent in such a way as to make them fit for the requirements of State, National and
International participation.
Taekwondo activity stresses Self-defense and is conducted as per the procedures set by the Taekwondo
Association. During tournaments, certificates of achievements and belts as per grading are donned on the

Yoga refers to an inner science comprising of a variety of methods through which human beings can achieve
a union between the body and mind to attain self-realization. In today’s competitive world, students are also
facing numerous social, family & Peer Pressures and sadly, anxiety, abuse and bullying also take a toll on their
mental and physical health. Lucknow International Public School understand this and started yoga classes in
the school which helps children in the following areas –
 Improved Memory
 Improved Attention Span
 Overall Academic Improvement
 Developing the whole mind
 Releases their pressure